Glass Furnace Projects & Hot Repair Services

Dickinson Group of Companies has more than 85 years of experience in the specialised field of refractories.

The company specialises in the installation, repair and maintenance of the refractory linings across the complete range of metals smelting, mineral processing, chemical refining and power generation industries including:

  • Cement & Lime
  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous
  • Chemical
  • Petro-chemical
  • Pulp & Paper, and
  • Power generation

The company employs a full complement of knowledgeable and qualified employees with many years of internationally recognized experience. Having the ability to offer optimised solutions in the area of refractory installation and repair services. This includes shutdowns and overhauls routine maintenance; surveys and inspection; project works including on- and off-site installation; as well as provision of skilled labour and technical personnel to meet the demands.

The objective is to serve customers with the finest work execution within the boundaries of the client's time schedules with work quality taking top priority. Strictly adhering to set standards deliver a state of the art installation and provide the appropriate durable equipment to cater to demands.

Qualified and experienced staff are carefully assessed. On and off the job training in cooperation with leading refractory & machinery producers and suppliers ensures professional execution of procedures and techniques.
  • Refractory quality designs
  • Refractory materials
  • Refractory consultations
  • Refractory condition monitoring and reporting
  • Refractory demolition
  • Installation of refractory brick linings, gunning, shotcreting, casting, lining and ramming
  • Refractory materials logistics

  • Over-all management and supervision of refractory works
  • Consultation and support in the selection of suitable materials
  • Commissioning and turn-key installation of refractory materials
  • Re-engineering of existing linings
  • Design and fabrication of any shape of pre-cast elements
  • Preheating and dry-out


The South Africa-based Dickinson Group has executed a significant quantity of major glass furnace projects during 2016 and has already secured numerous projects for 2017 in Southern and Africa.

Dickinson Group of Companies has added a number of services specifically aimed at the glass furnace industry that adds value to the client operation and reduces downtime on their plants in order to ensure optimum production and safety aspects in the industry.


During the glass production phase of the clients, significant wear is caused on the flux line of the furnaces, and if this is not repaired in due time, may result in glass leaks and, in extreme cases, furnace runouts.

Dickinson Group, in conjunction with one of South Africa’s most prominent glass producer’s technical team, has experimented with and perfected a method of furnace flux line patching and electrode hole patching without the need to extremely drop glass levels or take the furnace out of production, which has now become a standard in one of South Africa’s major glass producer’s plants.

This method of furnace repairs has saved the client quite a significant amount of capital as well as reduced downtime and production losses quite considerably and will aid in the extension of the overall furnace life.


Dickinson Group of Companies recently purchased silo cleaning and vacuumation equipment, which proved to be very successful in the glass industry in aiding the clients to optimize their batch handling plants and raw material storage silos.

Old batch and raw materials that have been building up over many years in the batch plants and silos can be removed with ease by the Dickinson Group utilizing the specialized equipment and well trained operators.

The initial clean up phase of the plants and silos are usually a very intensive and time consuming project, but after this phase, it eases both maintenance and housekeeping in the plants for the foreseeable future. Dickinson Group is also in a position to supply the resources to resolve some of the initial maintenance challenges that the plant faces during the project in the batch plant to aid in getting the plant to a level of minimum maintenance afterwards.


Dickinson Group has recently added the service of hot regenerator bottom and off gas flue cleaning to our range of services for the glass producer industry. This services encompasses the cleaning of both the off gas flues and the bottom of the regenerator, if possible.

The cleaning of the flues and regenerator bottoms may result in significant airflow increases as well as energy efficiency if done regularly and properly. Dickinson Group has improved the procedure as well as the efficiency of this operation, in order to ensure maximum benefit to the customer as well as improved operational efficiency and reduced energy costs, as well as cutting the costs for this activity for the client.



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