The company's strategy is to develop the Group’s current position as a leading, specialised furnace and industrial services’ company with a global reach, and to deliver long-term, sustainable growth through the continued expansion of all company services.

Dickinson Group of Companies intentionally reviews alternative industries and complementary product and service offerings. This results in the development and introduction of new and innovative technologies and solutions.

The Group strives to strengthen and consolidate its position in existing markets through focused organic growth. It also works to expand into new markets and to enhance operational efficiencies, whilst maintaining a dedicated focus on quality and safety.

The expansion is achieved through the company’s strong client relationships, in-house design, manufacturing and maintenance capabilities, and a commitment to training and development– which allows the Group to exploit its core knowledge and experience. The Group strives to develop customized solutions for all its customers.

Strategic Activities

In terms of strategy, key activities involve:

  • Expanding into new geographical territories focusing on the Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and Middle East regions;
  • Expanding the Group’s range of specialist services, products & technologies;
  • Maintaining a focus on innovation while intentionally reviewing alternative industries as well as complementary products and services;
  • Enhancing in-house design, manufacturing, maintenance and procurement functions;
  • Implementing an integrated ERP and CRM management systems; and
  • Focus on providing our customers a One Personalised Solution.

Dickinson Group of Companies vision is to be an international leading provider of furnace and industrial services. As we expand into the Middle East and North African region, it is crucial that we maintain our focus on our performance in our historical markets in Southern Africa.

Primary Focus Areas

To support our Group's strategy the company has three key focus areas:

  • Enhance our industry leadership in Southern Africa – referred to as “Southern Africa Strategy”;
  • Expand our operational footprint into the Middle East and North Africa - referred to as "MENA Expansion Strategy"
  • Expand our range of specialist services into the heavy industrial & mining sectors - referred to as "Industrial & Mining Services Strategy"

Business Operations & Regions

The company has business operations throughout Africa including: South Africa, Zambia and Egypt supported by an extensive market coverage throughout the continent. Our strategy is further enhanced by our China-Africa Focus, with our business operations in China and Mauritius, enhances the supply of our products and services throughout Africa.

Industrial Sector Services

  • Aluminium Smelter Services
  • Cement Plant Services
  • Copper & Ferronickel Smelter Services
  • Glass Furnace Projects & Hot Repair Services
  • Blast Furnace Services
  • Deep Level Mining Services

Service & Product Lines

  • Furnace Rebuild Projects
  • Refractory Installation Services
  • Furnace Demolition Services
  • Refractory Anchor Systems
  • Industrial Vacuum Services
  • Rotary Kiln Services
  • Precast Refractory Shapes
  • Silo Cleaning Services
  • Bricking Solutions Products
  • Waste Heat Recovery Technology
  • Catalyst Handling Services
  • Metallurgical Advisory Services
  • Turnkey Furnace Mechanical Projects
  • Electrical & Mechanical Projects
  • Heavy Industrial Demolition
  • Industrial Corrosion Control
  • Brokk Mining Services



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